The game is played in credits, with 1 credit always having a fixed value of € 0,10. Unlike typical machines, there are 2 set of reels, each containing four reels. The reels for this machine each contain 4 symbols visible per reel.
For Bet 10, the first 3 reels of the bottom set are used. Bet 20 enables the 4-th reel. For each of these bet modes, only basic horizontal winlines are used. The corresponding winline labels will be lit for those active winlines. Bet 40 is still played on the bottom reels, while enabling the use of 16 winlines in total, including diagonal lines. The highest bet mode (Bet 80) adds the top set of reels together with additional 16 winlines, which work the same way as for the bottom set of reels.

Our client

Imagina Gaming is the technology-first company, focused on innovation and passionate about enabling an industry lacking in fresh ideas by doing things differently. They create most individual gaming experiences on the market that turn the tide of the whole industry.

Our contribution

Front-end development and server integration.

Technical information
Web, Mobile (iOS / Android)
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