Innovecs full-cycle development teams are proficient in a wide variety of platforms and technologies. Our creative teams come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience with 2D and 3D art projects of any scale and across multiple genres. We work with our clients transparently; from concept design through post-release support, our teams stand by our client-oriented approach.
Our team of experienced and skilled game developers, designers, artists, animators, QA specialists, and agile managers are passionate to collaborate and build your project while contributing to your business’ success.

Platforms and tech

We design and create games for a broad audience by making them available on various platforms and using proven technologies.
Mobile iOS/Android, Desktop, Web
Unity 3D, JS / HTML 5, VR, AR
Programming languages

Game Graphics

From photo-realistic 3D game graphics to 2D cartoon entertainment, our team pushes limits with their creativity, passion, and professionalism to fill your game with eye-catching and visually compelling artwork.
Concept art, Animations,
Motion design, Video editing, VFX
Models, Animations

Game design

Based on the concept document and GDD, our teams create original, user-friendly, and interactive game designs that meet and exceed your expectations.
Defining the game idea and its core mechanics.
Post-release support
Enriching the game with new content and providing quality assurance.
Integrating in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, loot boxes, season passes, etc.
Ensuring the game is fun to play by carefully polishing the player experience and challenges during the gameplay.
Detailing and actualizing the gameplay mechanics, user experience, and narrative components.


Full-cycle Game Development

Customized game development from A to Z. We create a GDD, define art style and technology stack, produce, test, release, and provide post-release support.


Create gameplay mechanics and implement core features and desired components based on the Concept Document and the detailed GDD.

Architecture Design

Build an expandable and future-proof project that accommodates any changes seamlessly.


Powerful and scalable backend services manageable on the server side.


Develop platforms from the ground up or integrate new features for growth and expansion.


Clean, approachable, and simple frontend manageable on the client side.

DevOps and maintenance

Build and maintain game infrastructure while continuously providing architecture improvements.

Post-release support

Provide updates and additional content to increase game longevity and user engagement after the release.

Game Genre Diversity

Social casino

With reliable iGaming solutions crafted by Innovecs, your audience will turn to you for exciting, trustworthy entertainment. Create a game that is engaging, enjoyable, and highly scalable.
  • 2D/3D slots with bonus games of various complexity levels.
  • Card games, including but not limited to poker, blackjack, and hearthstone.
  • High-performing iLottery platforms.
  • Back-office / platform development and support.


Due to simple mechanics and gameplay, casual games are enjoyed by wide audiences. Easy monetization, quick time to market, and smooth game development are the key benefits of these games for businesses.
  • Match 3 games
  • Farm games
  • Merge games
  • Mansion games
  • Idle games

Mid-core games

Easy to learn and hard to master, this type of game might require a moderate time investment to get to the top. Games in this category will likely have specialized features like side-quests, daily missions, gacha mechanics, leaderboards, networking experiences, and beyond.
  • Hero battle action game that requires hand-eye coordination to utilize hero skills at the right moment.
  • First- or Third-person shooter games with intense and dynamic gameplay.
  • Tower defence games where players have to apply their strategic thinking to kill each and every enemy.
If you need assistance in building a product from scratch or supporting the existing one, drop us a line to discuss details, and we will reply within 24 hours.