What To Look for In a Game Testing Project

TL;DR: To set your game up for success, do your homework before outsourcing potential testers. To start, set some priorities, and determine whether you need alpha testing, beta testing, or both. In a crowd of candidates, look for experience, readiness to provide cohesive documentation, and active participation in deciding what’s best for your game. Do not forget about the soft skills of your future testers and be mindful of time zones and cultures when hiring international talent.

Outsourcing game testing is no longer just a service; it’s an entire market. Countless companies have made names for themselves based on the excellence of their quality assurance, and it comes as no surprise.

However, outsourcing sceptics are notoriously hard to dissuade, and outsourcing enthusiasts may struggle to choose one partner in a sea of options. That is why today we’ll share what to consider when requesting a test project from an outsourcing company.


Outsourcing, just like any other type of collaboration, is a two-way street. There is some groundwork that you, the potential client, will have to lay before your search begins. To narrow down the vast pool of game testing companies stretching in front of you, go through the following steps: 

  • Set a budget. Setting a budget will help to eliminate overly costly options, but it is always smart to plan for some flexibility. Instead of adhering strictly to a single figure, opt for a range between a perfect price and the maximum amount you’d be willing to spend.  
  • Establish the exact types of testing services you will need. Testing companies have vast toolkits that often influence their prices. Talk to your developers to identify any gaps that need addressing. No need to pay for the whole service package if your team has already done half of the work in-house, or if your project lacks the complexity to justify numerous testing methodologies. 
  • Plan ahead for your feedback gathering mechanisms. Alpha-testing the game for smooth dynamics and a lag-free experience is only part of the journey. Eventually there will come a time to perform user acceptance testing (UAT). Do you have your own focus groups ready to go, or will you need to look for a company that provides beta-testing services as well? If it’s the former, prepare to establish a good rapport between your beta-testers and the outsourced professionals. If it’s the latter, plan for an assessment of both alpha and beta testing credentials of your potential partners.  


In a world where every new gaming breakthrough raises the bar for what players are willing to buy, flawless becomes the new norm. Do not shy away from a little interrogation when it comes to choosing the people who will test your game – the success of your product depends on the results of their work.  

It is wise to ask: 

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Estimate both the quality and quantity of your potential partner’s previous projects. Check out their portfolio to see if the types of games they have tested before have similar dynamics to yours. Go the extra mile and read some player reviews under those titles. Consistent complaints about bugs should be a red flag, or at the very least, warrant a discussion. 

Where (and When) Are They Now?

Time zones are such a matter-of-fact element of reality that we can forget about the limitations they may impose on an industry already plagued with the fear of missed deadlines. Prioritize companies that have not one, but several testers working in the same time zone as you, and consider their cultural background to save yourself the surprise when they are out of office for holidays your own culture may not have.  

How Do They Approach Communication and Research?

An outsourcing partner is new to your specific ways of game development. Communication will be crucial throughout the entire collaboration, but especially so at the beginning. Notice how meticulous they are about gathering the data on your product and building a game testing strategy. How many questions do they ask, and how fast are they to answer yours? A company that is eager to do its homework before testing will lay a solid foundation for everything that comes next, and a clear and fast line of communication will be your best chance at transparency. 

What Is Their Standard Testing Process?

Ask about the types of game testing that they use, and ensure that the outsourcing partner has well-defined processes in place. This includes test planning, test case development, test execution, bug tracking, reporting, and regression testing. Having standardized processes ensures consistent outcomes, but a good partner will also demonstrate an understanding of how their workflow fits, and adapts to, your product.  

How Do They Handle Stress, Network Latency, and Overload?

This is particularly important for online games that aim to host lots of players at the same time. Ask your potential testers about what they use to monitor game’s stability under various circumstances, including high player count, unstable network, or niche and complex game scenarios. It is likely that if your product becomes popular, it will attract its own Achievers and Explorers, who will quite literally try to do everything there is to do within your game’s confines. Make sure your game testing partners think outside the box and are eager to catch those niche bugs before players do.  

What Is Their Relationship with Documentation?

Bug reports are likely not the only type of record writing your future testers will have to do. Testing strategy transforms into a plan, complete with an extensive checklist of tests that the product has to pass. Pay special attention to the records of various tests cases. While many outsourcing partners guarantee post-launch monitoring and long-term support, it is best to ensure that the paper trail they leave behind is comprehensible enough for potential new employees to quickly grasp what’s what with minimal context. 


A well-tested game is a game primed for success. Be thorough in your research when choosing an outsourcing partner and do not dismiss the soft skills, since communication will become an integral part of your collaboration. If this topic has piqued your interest and sparked your desire to ask or contribute, feel free to contact us in the form below for an exchange of expertise. Innovecs Games is always happy to educate, help, or evolve alongside you. 

Yuliia Otrishko,
Gaming Writer
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