PC-Gaming VS Mobile Entertainment – 2017 Predictions

In the past few years, the gaming market has managed to become more powerful than ever. At the same time, there’s still a huge gap between mobile and PC gaming. There are some technologies that will get launched this year that may try to eliminate those boundaries in one way or another.

Thanks to better processors and more RAM, mobile devices start to get very complex to the point where they are rivaling PC games with graphics from 2010 and onwards. Considering the size of mobile devices, it’s a huge technological achievement, and this year we will see even more MOBAs and strategy games launched that were originally designed to work solely on a PC. All of this can be done thanks to ease of attaining development talent through gaming software outsourcing companies. Innovecs being at the forefront offer advanced Gaming & Entertainment partnership to game-dev businesses.

Computer Gaming

On the PC gaming side, we have a great focus on 4K gaming. Although not a lot of people have a 4K capable display, lots of computers on the market (high-end models) are set to offer a very distinct and immersive gaming experience for all customers. It’s safe to say that many hard-core gamers are willing to invest in a computer which can render 4K gaming. And for game development companies this can easily pay off since this trend will last for quite some time. The same goes for mobile gaming app development, as it is getting more and more distinct and powerful thanks to the extra resources found on the newest models and the mobile technology expertise that is available.

There are some rumors that the mobile industry will have e-sports geared around certain competitive games like MOBAs, maybe some runners or even strategy games. We can also expect high-end VR solutions for mobile this year, something that PC gamers have been enjoying for some time.

Mobile gaming

We can also expect more AR games like Pokemon Go in 2017. Now that the technology is available, you can expect lots of game development companies to take advantage of it, and that’s something you will enjoy quite a bit for sure!

So, how will the PC-gaming vs. mobile entertainment warfare in 2017? It’s certain that mobile gaming will get quite a lot of new gear this year, with more AR games, better VR quality, and many others. No matter which side you are on, PC gamers can expect cross-platform application development to get access to mobile only gaming experiences. This will be a great year for gamers, and you should totally embrace both options.

You can also expect indie gaming studios to rise quite a bit. According to various outlets, high-tech game development expertise is a lot easier to acquire than ever before, and that delivers a great value for all customers. You will be quite impressed with the uniqueness and detail offered by indie games. Several one-man-studio indie games have been released on PC and mobile in 2016 and received critical acclaim. It’s becoming easier for people with the right knowledge to enter the mobile game development world and get extra help from gaming software outsourcing companies that can provide management expertise coupled with top-notch development.

Maybe the best thing about it is that gaming development outsourcing helps studios, even indies, to create larger and better games while also keeping costs to a minimum. Another thing you should keep in mind about gaming studios is that even indies are getting a lot of exposure nowadays, with services like the Apple App Store or Steam highlighting promising indie games. This will become an even more important marketing tool for indie game developers in 2017, to the point where a lot of new indies can become a breakout hit. Flappy Bird was a great example in this regard, and it managed to show just how much success you can get from just a simple mobile game. We can expect a lot more success stories like that this year.

Switching to the PC front, aside from the 4K revolution, we can also expect a lot of people to gain more interest in VR. Although very impressive, VR is far from affordable, with the good headsets still being priced at around $600 or even $800 for the HTC VIVE. Thankfully, with more and more VR solutions in the pipeline, we can expect a price drop for the older units at this point. So yes, VR can become more affordable, and it can bring in front some very good results in the longer term.

Video games and electronic entertainment

Finally, there are major gaming studios working very hard on both platforms, so it doesn’t really matter what gaming platform you are dedicated to. You can expect lots of great titles coming for mobile consoles and smartphones, to begin with. One of the biggest things about mobile game development at this point is that mobile games are trying to stop copying PC games (or porting them), and instead we have a lot more focus on originality and original content.

This is very helpful, and it clearly shows that there are lots of great opportunities coming up for both mobile and PC gaming. With enough dedication and focus, we will be able to take complete advantage of all they have to offer. 2017 will also end up being great for game developers because there are even more media outlets and the game mechanics presented here are second to none.

That’s what makes the experience so rewarding, the fact that both gamers and game developers will be happy this year. Creating and publishing games (especially mobile titles) has never been more affordable, and even PC game development is getting more affordable, thanks to the outsourcing industry. As for the regular gamer, things will get even better, with a wider variety of games and more innovation coming up. So, we can expect 2017 that will be great for gamers and game developers alike!

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