Online Casino Software Development: What to Consider Before Joining the Party reports the online gambling market reached its $66.7 billion value in 2020. They specify that online casino practices keep growing due to rapid urbanization, high demand for home personal entertainment under pandemic situations as well as gambling business legalization, and cultural approval around the globe. Considering the gambling business is potentially interesting because it provides huge profits, we shed some light on the process of online casino software development stressing the main challenges of designing secure, robust, and easy-scalable products.

Custom Market Insights reports that the online gambling market was valued at approximately USD 58.2 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of around USD 145.6 Billion by 2030. Online casino gaming keeps growing due to rapid urbanization, high demand for home personal entertainment, as well as gambling business legalization and increased cultural approval around the globe.

Forbes shares Neil Bluhm’s thoughts, as cofounder of RSI, an online casino gambling services provider in the US: “We’re growing like a weed and we’re adding states all the time,” Bluhm comments in a phone interview. “The growth potential is tremendous.”

This rapid market growth is elevated by increased accessibility of modern technologies. Pay Space Magazine points out some of the recent innovations happening in the casino gambling industry:

  • lower transaction and operational costs due to crypto use;
  • mobile game development boost from easier audience reach;
  • blockchain potential to decrease the risks of online gambling;
  • smoother integration of online payment services;
  • Cloud, VR, and metaverse services;
  • increased privacy for the players due to cryptocurrency deposits.

These show a small glimpse into the possibilities of a tech-based casino world that can attract more users for lower costs than physical, in-person casino institutions. Before outsourcing gambling software development, we recommend you familiarize yourself with criteria of quality online casino games, development stages, insights into user retention mechanisms, and digital marketing promotions. This will help you make the right decision when choosing a casino software development provider in the modern market.

The iGaming industry has tremendous revenue potential; we hope to shed some light on the process of online casino software development, including the main challenges of designing secure, robust, and easy-scalable products.

Online Casino Software Development: Key Features and the Benefits of Custom Software

The ‘Online United States Casinos’ YouTube channel details key features for a robust software platform, able to generate huge profits in gambling. They outline the following “must-have” components:

  • smooth and easy integrated payment systems (quick reliable banking methods for deposits);
  • quality of the game itself (audio, visual effects, art design);
  • slots encouraging users to play every day either at home or on the go;
  • welcome bonuses and gift cards to engage newcomers;
  • ongoing player promotions to increase loyalty;
  • secure and anonymous winning payments.

Considering these characteristics are critical for a successful online casino launch, it’s prudent to understand the beginning stages of development and what is the average percentage of your capital share in the pre-launch and post-launch period.

Slotegrator shares valuable insights that online casino software setup will take about 40% of the launch budget. Also of note, software operation will still consume about 50% of the budget if you apply ready-made solutions (providers usually take continuous fees as a fixed revenue percentage). Hence, you should consider the option of custom gambling software development to avoid paying more after casino launch.

Casino Pre Launch

casino post launch

LinkedIn provides a substantial article outlining the fact that custom gaming software has much more potential in profit generation because “it is extremely adaptive to the ever-changing customer’s preferences”. In every casino launch stage, you will save money by obtaining customized products. Both by integrating promotional offers (you’re able to offer more variety and not being restricted by the limits of a ready-made product) and by adding security and risk management tools once you need them.

Online Casino Launch Stages: Software Development

Once you are ready to move forward with custom casino software development outsourcing, for planning purposes consider the basic stages you need to follow for software development. First, come up with an idea, then create a prototype, code and test, release, and product maintenance. The quality of your software will affect everything from operational costs, user retention and loyalty, and even marketing and promotional costs.

The casino launch lifecycle is visualized clearly on this Slotegrator Pinterest page. It’s clearly demonstrated that the quality of casino software is a part and parcel of the project’s success: only three stages (brand image, license acquiring, and market of operation choice) among the eleven described are not connected with the software itself. The remaining launch stages are driven and directed by the tech solution:

  • setting up a platform;
  • securing your project (choosing anti-hack and cheaters’ stop tools as well as risk management software);
  • integrating game content (the wider the variety of games offered, the more users will come to the platform: slots, roulette, live dealer games, lotteries);
  • integrating payment systems (variety of currencies and cryptocurrencies);
  • affiliating and referral tools integrated into your digital platform to attract new players;
  • bonuses, VIP, loyalty programs, and gift card issuing.

Hidden Success Secrets of the Best Casino Software Practices prepares a substantial overview of online casinos available on the market both for the players and for those who are willing to establish their own gambling platform.

They say:

“The familiarity, promotion possibilities, and trustworthiness of online casino is totally dependent on which software is applied”

The biggest secret to attracting new players, and, hence, more profit generation is in honest payout percentage, absence of cheating, and quick anonymous payments and deposits. These should not be associated with personal banking accounts for a smoother user experience (that is the possibility of blockchain-empowered cryptocurrency systems). insists on cryptocurrency integration as a key success factor on any online casino platform once it’s able to grant:

  • enhanced security;
  • improved credibility;
  • affordable, anonymous, and fast deposits;
  • better promotional offers (as it’s easier and cheaper to operate any transaction from end to end).

Forbes illustrates a successful online casino using the example of DoubleDown Casino, saying they provide “extremely secure social casino practices”. DoubleDown is an interactive platform for playing blackjack, roulette, and video slots together with your online friends as well as establishing new social contacts.

The social online casino concept is so popular that even Facebook proposes this user experience on its platform. One positive attribute of this form of entertainment is the lack of real money deposits and exchanges, yet it still has high monetization potential.

Social Online Casino Software Fact: KamaGames boosted their revenue by 38% to $125.1 million in 2020 namely due to social casino applications (e.g., Pokerist)

Critical Factors For Your Gambling Business Growth

Online Casino Software Profile: Key Factors to Consider

Every business owner ready to implement an online casino idea has three ways to move forward:

  • use ready-made software delivered by the providers (paying royalty),
  • outsource custom online casino development (use a trustworthy gaming solutions developer like Innovecs Games),
  • microgaming (an easy to access, ready-to-use mobile gambling product maintained by a third party).

Whatever your choice, be sure that it suits your business interests and budget. All the above-mentioned options will demand your understanding of the main challenges of online casino development as well as the key success factors. Your online casino software should be safe and secure (concerning cheating and hacking), smooth, and user-friendly in terms of deposits, gift cards, and winning payouts.

Challenges of Online Casino Management

If you wish to boost your current gambling platform profit, take a look at the smart casino guide advice about player longevity, payment security, and reliability of the mobile version of your product. Once you have these issues dialed in, robust online casino software can help with:

  • quick ROI;
  • easy and profitable gambling business scalability;
  • better revenues in shorter times.

In this blog, we’ve provided you with several noteworthy figures of the profits generated by gambling companies or gambling software providers due to their secure and robust software and social casino concept implementation.

The online casino market is expanding quickly and with that come unique challenges and questions. To get your idea off the ground, apply for a consultation with our experts in gaming development and join this fast-growing gambling market.

If you need assistance in building a product from scratch or supporting the existing one, drop us a line to discuss details, and we will reply within 24 hours.