Whitepaper: “Keeping Gamers in Tune with Leading Technological Trends”

February 5, 2018


Can you remember your first time playing a video game? Maybe it was on Sega or PlayStation. With trembling hands and blazing eyes, a 10-minute game could easily turn into a 5-hour contest, which stopped only after your mom’s final warning. Is there anyone who denies video games have changed our world once and for good? We guess no one thinks like that.

The global web development market has changed drastically from simple pixel arcades to realistic VR views. Games have managed not just to mimic reality but have become an indispensable part of it. All this is possible in many ways but not without the help of modern technologies..

2017 global games market

Nowadays, the gaming industry is one of the most actively expanding spheres in the world. And although there are still plenty of awesome, powerful consoles out there, mobile devices have started capturing a bigger segment of the industry with VR gaming not trailing far behind. Experts tout the further rise of VR mobile gaming popularity, and those who are already up on this will soon dominate the market. Meanwhile, we’re working seamlessly to keep you in tune with the leading gaming industry trends to help fantastic, elaborate products appear.

What will you find inside

  1. Modern Game Development Technologies. The gaming industry’s development tech improves daily allowing more complex manipulations. Find out more about Marmalade, Unreal Engine, and Unity.
  2. 3D Graphics and Pixel Art Games. Some gaming industry tendencies seem illogical with having all these amazing VR technologies at hand. Still, they also have fans. Recent trends in game design for you!
  3. Unity Game Development. From 2D pixel art games to VR games supported by different devices, nothing is impossible to Unity. This tech is able to animate your wildest ideas. Find out why!
  4. Outsourcing in Game Development. Game development is a complex sphere with its own peculiarities. With constantly increasing numbers of consumers, gamedev outsourcing remains one of the recognized leaders.
  5. Innovecs on the Game Development Outsourcing Market. Innovecs is a creative, Unity ninjas squad ready to help you create remarkable solutions. Choosing the proper outsourcing vendor is now a no-brainer.

Want to know more? Start your game design journey with reading this guide!

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