Inside ICE 2024: Highlights from the Innovecs Games Team

From February 6-8, 2024, the Innovecs Games team participated in the ICE London 2024, a pivotal event for professionals in the iGaming sector. This year’s gathering proved to be an epicenter for global innovators, regulators, and stakeholders, attracting over 600 leading brands and 45,000 professionals. All united to explore new frontiers and future business prospects within the iGaming landscape.

Our booth became a central gathering spot for insightful conversations and hands-on experiences, showcasing our commitment to innovation in the iGaming sector.

Represented by an upbeat team including Rocky Osborn, Chief Business Officer; Philip Morris, VP of Sales; Joshua Shulman, Head of B2B Marketing; Svitlana Rumiantseva, Senior Delivery Manager, and Yaroslav Soloshenko, Business Development Representative, Innovecs Games joined to explore the latest trends and the next wave of gaming innovations.

Let’s uncover prime insights and dive into pivotal discussions from the conference shared by our team.

Shaping iGaming's Future

At ICE London 2024, the spotlight was on technological transformations reshaping iGaming. As a leading event for professionals in the sector, the conference showcased the dynamic shift towards integrating advanced digital solutions, emphasizing enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency. 

The event showcased the latest AI and ML applications, underscoring the industry’s commitment to responsible gaming and data protection. Amid this backdrop of innovation and heightened regulatory focus, ICE London emerged as a fundamental gathering for professionals eager to navigate the future of iGaming.

"ICE's sheer size and energy reflect the health and future optimism we possess in working within this space. Our booth was brimming with customer questions, showing appreciation for our art, and expressing curiosity about our expertise in gaming."
Philip Morris
VP of Sales

Unity as a Key Player in Casino Games

The fusion of art and technology is a testament to the industry’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Operators and providers constantly explore new dimensions of gaming experiences, from immersive 2.5D and 3D visuals to engaging gameplay mechanics. This push toward innovation is about keeping pace with the domain’s growth and setting new standards that define the Future of gaming. Amidst this landscape of rapid development, specific game formats are emerging as frontrunners, reshaping player expectations and opening new avenues for engagement.

"There were two interlocking trends and one standalone that struck me as the largest demand in the space. While art is always in style, taking it to the next level with 2.5D, 3D (static & animated) is a main focus for providers and operators alike. Unity will be a dominant force in bringing these modern art styles to life for both online and land-based casinos. As a standalone, operators are quickly looking to scale up the launch of Crash games. Slots remain hot, but Crash will be a close second in no time."
Josh Shulman
Head of B2B Marketing

Mobile Gaming and AI

The iGaming sector’s growth has been remarkable, driven by technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior. At the heart of this growth is the increasing dominance of mobile platforms and the integration of AI, which enhances gameplay and revolutionizes how players interact with gaming environments. As the field evolves, it’s pivoting toward more responsible gaming practices and offering more personalized, social gaming experiences — major factors in attracting and retaining a broad audience.

“The iGaming industry in 2024 is booming, and that was certainly evident at ICE London. This is fueled by factors like mobile gaming and new technologies like AI. I would expect responsible gambling initiatives, personalized experiences, and social elements to take center stage in the coming years, attracting new players while keeping existing ones engaged. The Innovecs Games team at ICE demonstrated our commitment and expertise to current and future partners in this space.”
Rocky Osborn
Chief Business Officer

Internal Game Development and Partnerships

Facing a competitive market, iGaming operators constantly search for unique content, leading to internal game development or forming partnerships with third-party studios like Innovecs Games.

The relationship between game providers and outsourcing studios has always been complex, marked by past challenges and a cautious approach to collaboration. In this environment, the currency of trust is a portfolio of proven excellence and the ability to deliver on test projects tailored to a client’s unique needs. Moreover, the iGaming sector reaffirms the irreplaceable value of live interactions, with face-to-face meetings crucial for sealing deals and fostering long-term partnerships.

Understanding the nuances of service delivery, including the critical role of compliance and certification, becomes paramount. Additionally, the Asian market emerges as a burgeoning frontier, ripe with opportunities and eager for the innovative solutions that studios like Innovecs Games are equipped to provide. This global perspective and dedication to comprehensive service set the stage for successful engagements in the dynamic world of iGaming.

"Operators seek unique content sources, leading to increased interest in internal game development or partnerships with studios like Innovecs Games. This trend will become more and more popular in 2024 and 2025. Also, in the iGaming industry, live meetings are vital, accounting for 90% of successful deals. There's a significant value in demonstrating our authenticity in person."
Yaroslav Soloshenko
Business Development Representative

Full Ownership and Branding

Unlike other conferences, ICE has become a primary venue for casinos interested in launching branded games, transitioning to full ownership and brand differentiation. This strategic move reflects a growing desire among casinos to assert more control over their content, enhance their brand identity, and directly engage their audience.

The emphasis at ICE on self-branded game development indicates a broader industry trend toward autonomy and brand differentiation. Casinos increasingly recognize the value of full ownership, from branding to logos, in cultivating a unique gaming environment. This step is about the games and underlying technologies that ensure stability, scalability, and an engaging user experience. The visual appeal of these games, coupled with the technological foundation, plays a substantial role in attracting and retaining players, setting the stage for future growth and innovation in the sector.

“ICE is a prominent business communication platform where businesses seek new opportunities for growth and additional revenue sources. Contrary to SBC, ICE featured more platforms/casinos interested in launching their own games to enhance their brands. Full ownership, branding, and logos are crucial for casinos that typically host games from other providers on a regular basis. Moreover, stable technologies and visual appeal are also significant considerations.”
Svitlana Rumiantseva
Senior Delivery Manager

Looking forward to ICE Barcelona 2025, we are excited about the outlooks and innovations that await us in a city known for its creativity and dynamism. Thank you to everyone for making these past three days unforgettable; we eagerly await the chance to reconnect and continue shaping the future of iGaming together next year.

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