Innovecs Digest January 24th: Bitcoin Traders, Mobile Trends, Big Data in Gaming

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High-Speed Traders Are Taking Over Bitcoin

Forget about the libertarians who created and promoted Bitcoin. Now we are faced with a massive surge in speculative individual capital being poured in the cryptocurrency. The gloom reality is that we have a virtual army of professionals who have in their possession all top cutting-edge technology. They drive at least 80% of Bitcoin transactions, and this all seems more like Wall Street rather than anything else. Bitcoin becomes just another financial asset to be conquered through machines.

The market structure of Bitcoin lets you fully take advantage of multiple exchanges with zero transaction costs, by using Chinese venues with the greatest turnover rates; 24/7 trading and placing servers next to those of the exchange to gain an advantage in speed. Volumes have been surging month on month, and there have been plenty of chances to turn a profit on small fractions of constant volatility through high-speed trading. There are other issue regarding FinTech and its perspectives that you can read about in our latest long-read.


Five Bleeding-Edge Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

The key marketing trends to focus on this year are:

1.Change of boundaries through mobile marketing

People have been going on about mobile marketing for some time, but the potential is still there in 2017. Our belief is strengthened by predictions like this: according to BIA/Kelsey U.S. expenditure on mobile ads will be over $40 billion. By 2020 this number is likely to surpass $65 billion. Such number tell us a story that mobile marketing is in transit to greatness, having already achieved a lot by now.

2.Large department stores attract mobile marketing partners to tackle Amazon

Amazon is on the frontier of taking away the business of department stores. Take, for instance, the Amazon Go store recently launched in Seattle. It introduced a new “normal way” of shopping. And this will have a drastic effect on regular brick-and-mortar retailer brands. This will drive consumers online as well as to this new type of stores by eating away the consumer base of large retailers. Mobile marketing will have to turn to physical retail with redoubled efforts. One of the ways is through online auctions. You can read the latest Innovecs case study on the topic to get to know more.


Latest Trends, Growth Drivers and Developments in USA Big Data Market

Big Data is on the rise in the US market, and understanding where it is going is of the essence. The first point is that the trend is to avoid having costly servers on-premises and moving data to the cloud. More and more large enterprises and medium sized businesses alike are trying to find ways to move their apps and save costs. There is a pressing need to become more flexible to be able to plug into soft from anywhere in the world.  On top of that finding and retaining the required talent to have in-house servers is becoming even more expensive and complicated.

Secondly, usage the Internet of Things (IoT) data is becoming more common, as the aggregation of Big Data inside organizations is becoming more complex. Having the digital data issued by machines and processed by humans can help create and utterly change the way the work is done.

Finally, companies require stronger management and more data security as Big Data is moved to virtual warehouses. The key goal here is to let all users use the same data while keeping some parts of it private. Having the correct access permissions for every user becomes vital from the security standpoint to avoid any contractual breaches. This requires implementing state-of-the-art technology that monitors data exfiltration.

There are some more in-depth issues that you might want to get to know about. Feel free to read our case study on the Search Data Platform and the use of Big Data.


Big Data In Gaming: How A 360-Degree View Of Customers Helps Spot Gambling Addiction

 Big Data, as well as its analytics, give us insights into customer behavior and shopping patterns. Among the top cases is the focus on the better perception of gaming customers so that gaming companies can identify new ways to attract and retain gamers.

The great example is Veikkaus gaming agency in Finland. Its CIO Reni Waegelein says that they process over two mln gaming related transactions per day. This is equivalent to the number of transactions on the stock exchange. By having all this info, the company is better suited to create 360 customer profiles and track their spending behavior. To do that better you may be interested in our Analytics Platform for Marketing case study.


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