“Innovecs Can Change Your Life From the First Day” – Anastasiia Yamkova, Game Release Team Lead at Innovecs

We asked Anastasia Yamkova, Game Release Team Lead at Innovecs, what is the attractive direction of gaming that helps to achieve a managerial position, and how to stay inspired every day.

– Game Release Management: how did you get into the profession?

I have a philological education – German and English languages. I have understood during the second year of my studying that I will work in IT. It was also very important for me that the project should be related to gambling. I know that I would like to increase my knowledge in management during my whole life. Generally, everyone should develop and study something new in their direction every day.

– Why are you interested in gaming?

First of all, you need to understand the difference between gamedev, gambling, and gaming. Some people prefer to create games for consoles, others are interested in developing mobile or hyper-casual games (simple games, which instant transition to gameplay).

– Where did you gain experience in technology?

Innovecs help me increase my skills. At the same time, I came to the company with seven years of experience in release and project management. Today Innovecs helps me maintain knowledge, gain new ones through collaboration, webinars, and events, for example, at Innohub.

– What qualities helped you grow into a manager?

The first is the willingness to take responsibility for the results of your work. You have to understand the goals of the project and team, and also the corporate culture of the company. It is very important. Properly structured management in the company also plays an important role. The second is the ability to learn all details quickly. The third is multitasking.

– How do you find inspiration and motivation?

I don’t have routine tasks at all. Every task is interesting. Also, it’s important to have a hobby. I have several hobbies: participation in our community (running, table tennis), fly stretching. And, of course, traveling – it inspires and gives you new emotions. It is the most valuable gift for everyone.

– What challenges do you face at work?

Difficult tasks could give you new experiences. Plus, it is important to be in close cooperation with all members of your team. In this way, you will minimize the possibility of conflicts and stressful situations.

– What can demotivate you?

Lack of development and dynamics. But Innovecs can change your life from the first day. I’m proud to be here.

– Evaluate your experience in Innovecs

First of all, I would like to mention the corporate culture, at Innovecs we could understand values together. The company provides a lot of opportunities and benefits that could help you grow and increase your skills. For me, Innovecs is much more than a job. The main value of the company – people. People first – not in words, but in deeds.


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