How to Find and Hire a 2D Game Artist That’s Perfect for You

In the era of overwhelming visual diversity in the gaming industry, finding a game artist for hire may be a challenge. There are many visual styles and creative decisions to choose from if you decide to go 2D, and even more questions to ask.

In the era of overwhelming visual diversity in the gaming industry, finding a game artist for hire may be a challenge. There are many visual styles and creative decisions to choose from if you decide to go 2D, and even more questions to ask.

What does your game need? What do your players want? Do you wish to strengthen your established visual identity with another stylized release? Or could it be that you risk it all, and make a game that looks nothing like what your company has done before?

The choices are endless, but with a little helpful information, you can feel confident that the next 2D game artist you add to your team is the right one for you.

Who Is A 2d Game Artist And What Makes Their Job Crucial To Gamedev?

A game artist is the brains behind your game’s visuals. They are the person responsible for the aesthetic appeal of everything your players will see in the game. Be it character design, locations, textures, or emblems and props—behind every one of these, there is specialized professional.

Game Artists
Game Art and visuals are the first impressions a game makes. They may even be the main selling point of your game. Your artists create the entire mood and atmosphere of the game, and the visual aspects are what will initially attract your target audience.

The Importance of Visual Identity in Game Development

In gaming, first impressions matter. According to a 2015 study, conducted by the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, users can form fixed opinions about the game being engaging or boring based on the look of the game’s box cover alone. The quality of the work your game artist has done not only draws the player’s attention, but it can also communicate to them if the game is worth their time and money.

The choice of your game artists can make or break the game’s success. The internet is full of unfortunate tales of incredible games ruined by their visuals. Let’s make sure that your next release will not be added to that list.

Reasons to Choose 2D Graphics over 3D

Choosing 2D graphics in this day and age may seem like an old-school decision, but do not be blinded by the rise of hyper-realistic gaming since 2D graphics have many beneficial tricks up their sleeves.

  • User-friendly. 2D games tend to have simpler controls than their 3D counterparts and gameplay that is easy for the player to grasp.
  • Easier to make. The process of making a 2D game is bound to be faster, cheaper, and simpler than that of a 3D game. Future updates and modes will be easier to implement as well.
  • Stylized. With 2D graphics, the game inadvertently loses some of its realism, but opens opportunities for creative choices that are not bound by the laws of physics. A game that embraces its 2D limitations can become a unique piece of art, as well as an engaging experience.

What Makes A Good 2d Artist For Hire

Contemporary 2D games, especially indie ones, are currently undergoing an age of renaissance. Now that 2D is a choice, rather than a necessity from a bygone era, new releases become more mindful about what they bring to the table. This means you will need unique graphics to stay competitive, as well as a good 2D game artist.

The Skills and Qualifications of a Good Game Artist

When looking for a 2D game artist for your project, pay attention to the following things:

  • Understanding of the basics. Artistic fundamentals are a starting point for any 2D artist. Working with a flat image, they need to possess a good understanding of lighting, shading, anatomy, perspective, and scale. Take note of how natural the objects of their art look individually, and how they flow together in pieces that imply motion, gravity, or distance.
  • Versatility. While you will usually have different game artists handling separate aspects of work, a diverse specialist can reduce stress. Textures, icons, props, character concepts, button designs, backgrounds—while your particular 2D game artist may not have to draw all of them, they ought to have range.
  • Visual development. This is the unbridled creativity check. When given complete freedom, instead of a specific task, where do the artist’s limits lie? Examine their passion projects; see what they like and how well they deliver.
  • Tech stack. Your 2D game artist has to know your tools. The most popular programs for the creation of 2D graphics are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo, and Procreate, but you should look for expertise in the software that fits your new release’s needs.

If you know what exactly your future 2D game artist will work on, provide them with a test task. This will allow you to not only see how their vision aligns with yours, but also take note of the quality of work they can deliver within a small time frame.

What Does it Cost to Hire A 2D Game Artist?

Once you’ve decided to hire a game artist you need to determine investment costs. While the development of 2D games will be less expensive than 3D, there are still factors to consider.

The Chief Drivers and Influencers of How Much to Pay Your Game Artists

Many determinants will dictate the cost of your game art:

  • The types of platforms and engines
  • Team sizes and amount of individual workload
  • The amount of the game’s inner features that demand new visuals
  • Expandability in future updates

If the budget is tight, outsourcing your game art is a good way to cut back costs without losing quality. For example, IT professionals in Ukraine are familiar with all of the modern international gaming trends, and utilize the same tools as their colleagues worldwide, but are available at lower prices.

Game Artist salary comparison

Bottom Line: How The Choice Of The Right 2d Artist Contributes To The Success Of Your Games

The game’s aesthetic appeal is responsible for the very first impressions players get of the product. Since the industry is visual, the commercial success and memorability of your 2D game heavily rely on how that game will look. In the modern competitive market, choosing a fitting 2D game artist is a task that demands much care, but it’s worth it in the long run when you find the one.

If you do not know where to find your perfect 2D artist yet, we can put an end to your worries. At Innovecs, we have a vast talent pool of creative professionals whose experience in international collaboration makes them perfectly fit for outsourced projects. They are familiar with the pipeline of game development, used to the agile workflow, and flexible in cooperation.

If in doubt, feel free to take a look at our portfolio of 2D art, and do not hesitate to reach out with questions!

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