Attracting Millennials to Online Casinos Through Meta Gameplay

The Ways Meta Gameplay Can Improve Conversions

The first key point is focused on the involvement of the so-called millennial generation – the young gamblers that are not fond of the standard mechanics but enjoy playing the current mechanics of Match Three platforms, and similar. These games are something that they grew up on and highly enjoy. Accordingly, the 70-s and 80-s generation, that are the current key casino audience grew p on Blackjack and Hold’em Poker as there was no Xbox, PlayStation or normal PC games that we are used to right now.

Accordingly, the main advantage and conversion point of younger players lays in the addition of advanced gaming mechanics in casinos and new ways of attracting them to a casino environment. And there is no other way. The millennial generation cannot be attracted through the standard slots even if you spend a lot of money on promoting them.

User Privacy Concerns in Casinos

The framework of online privacy is, of course, fragile. In a rush to get more data on users, their habits likes and dislikes some may try and even violate these limits.

“The main idea is that in the social, mobile and GameDev, in general, we witness a serious and powerful work aimed at deciphering the users.”, says Max Illyashenko, Engineering Director at Innovecs.

Every product company is analyzing their users from every angle through a very powerful analytics system. It is hard to compare with other industries and market segments, but it seems, that the gambling and gaming business possesses and constantly develops one of the most powerful analytics systems as the data are collected virtually on everything.

Social Media As Key Tool to Casino Customer Segmentation

Even the standard information provided by the Facebook platform is more than enough, regarding assessing social media users and attracting them. There is quite a lot of information with which you could work to attract gamblers. That is, your company is given the opportunity to build a complete portrait of your players, the average casino player, in principle. If it is not too much of a bother, you can do precise segmentation and learn a lot about your clients: who is playing what kind of games, who is paying more, how and when they pay to gamble, what gambling platforms they prefer, and more.  From the viewpoint of a casino, you can get to know absolutely everything about gamblers.

Moreover, you can learn about them a lot of things: what they read, watch, what are their favorite action heroes and so on. Therefore, you can a form a psychological profile of your end user and offer your trusted gaming software development team a clear-cut picture of what should be in the game to attract players. In accordance with the psychological profile of gamblers, Innovecs has been developing a number of games that are popular with averages users through pinpointing the setting, coming up with new mechanics and so on.

If your audience is women over the age of 40, then, of course, you’re not going to offer them some kind of shooters or action games, and you will offer them games similar to Match Three or Happy Farm. If on the contrary, your audience is mainly teenagers and males, then you will offer shooters and racing add-ons in your casino gambling environment. That’s the most important issue.

Not Understanding What Meta Gameplay Features Customers Want Harms Business

In the social market, it is vital for the gambling business to know its users and for this purpose exist the so-called “producer” companies that have large shares of the mobile and social market, and that clearly understand what gamblers want to play. Knowing what types of gambling activities and met game paly features will go through and will pay off, and how well it will all work down to the smallest detail is invaluable. Therefore, entering the social media is quite beneficial if you can employ an outsourcing company that can do a qualitative analysis, construct a development plan, a business plan for new game types.

Unfortunately, many outsourcing companies that are willing to take the task don’t even ask about clients, and simply draw elaborate designs without much interest in what the project is aimed at. It is vital to have an understanding that there are big differences according to the region, country, age, gender and other points.

“At Innovecs we are partners and always clarify and ask the client the direction they are aiming at. We can provide that as many of the company’s employees have experience in product companies before joining Innovecs outsourcing team”, states Sergiy Khandogin, COO at Innovecs.

For example, if a gambling business decides to partner up with an Eastern European software development outsourcing company and would like to develop games for the Asian market, it is vital to have points of contact and reference in Asia to pinpoint the preferences of local gamblers. For example, zombies or monster in meta gameplay features of game graphics might pass in the US, but they will be offensive in Asia. Indeed, finding a consultant/expert from the target market will help to create a high-quality product.


Right now if you want to attract people to your browser-based casino platform, you can simply search for such user requests in Google Analytics. But the cost per click starts at $100. And that entails that you get a paying customer, but you still must recoup the mentioned $100 you spent on that user and making money this way may not be viable. The reason is that after getting the customer, it’s a matter of great gaming mechanics and involvement in the game to keep the customer active. Adding social elements and meta gameplay features for new gamblers is a key source of attracting players. Since attracting real money gamblers is very expensive, they are in great demand, and there is only a limited number of them in regions of the world. Accordingly, there are two options that need to be combined for a successful game launch in online gambling: you have to go even further into the social media sphere to publicize your games, and search for the new meta gameplay features to create additional competition and decrease the marketing costs needed to attract players.

If you need assistance in building a product from scratch or supporting the existing one, drop us a line to discuss details, and we will reply within 24 hours.